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Kawasaki Z1B

Manufacturer: Kawasaki
Model: Z1B
Condition: Very Good (4)
Engine: 903cc
Year: 1975
Price: £10,950

This is a very good example of Kawasaki's iconic and groundbreaking DOHC 900cc four, restored a while ago in Sweden, where the bike was first registered and has spent all it's life up to now. The engine has been rebuilt so ignore the mileage and the condition is of a good older restoration. Lots of invoices for lots of Swedish money on file dated 2006/7 and again around 2013. Priced with an original exhaust system in poor condition and a scruffy seat. We have a complete new exhaust sytem and a new seat cover available so if you like a bargain and DIY is your thing then call before we fit the new bits and put the price up.