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Triumph TR5

Manufacturer: Triumph
Model: TR5
Condition: Average (5)
Engine: 500cc
Year: 1957
Price: TBA

One of 290 supplied to the Swedish Army, restored a while ago to standard civillian spec, could do with some attention now but it's a very rare matching numbers machine. We'll recommission it and report further with a video to confirm mechanical condition. There are two photos of these machines on page 56 of Harry Woolridge's Triumph Tropy Bible and it might be fun to put it back to military spec if you're going to restore it. TR5s are rare anyway, this one is rarer still and therefore very desirable. And very expensive of course! Price to be announced when we know the quality of the machine inside and out so watch this space. Enquiries to purchase as it is for restoration will be welcomed as our workshop is rather busy at the moment and for the next 5 years.