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Velocette Venom

Manufacturer: Velocette
Model: Venom in Clubman trim
Condition: Nearly Concours (2)
Engine: 500cc
Year: 1959
Price: Sold

An all-matching numbers and original registration machine in the kind of condition we dream about. Clearly resored to a very high standard and lovely for it but here's the really interesting detail; the fuel tank; NOS purchased from Ralph Seymour in Thame nine years ago. That's is an original factory-painted fuel tank! Gold lines are hand applied and any debate about how thick the lines should be ends here: this is how it was. The rest speaks for itself, pretty much in Clubman trim with rear-set footrests, twin leading shoe front brake and alloy wheels but wearing standard handlebars; a perfect mix for sports-touring road or track riding. The bike was built by a skilled aerospace engineer friend of the last owner and it really has been put together very well indeed. It was restored and rebuilt about fifteen years ago so it's developed some cosmetic blemishes but the quality shines through. The engine is so sweet; sounds like new and we know what low mileage Velo engines sound like. We are advised that the engine has been built with no expense spared. Fitted with a 8.75:1 compression piston and an extra base gasket to deliver just that little extra performance without any of the aggro or sacrificing reliability. There is an MOT from 2010 with 3,000 miles and we know it's only done the recorded 5,312 miles since the odometer was reset when restored fifteen years ago. Sounds new anyway, runs sweetly and Classic Bike Workshop have given it a clean bill of health with a carb clean and set-up. Engine-wise we also have belt driven primary and dyanmo so no oil leaks from those areas. This machine has clearly been well maintained and cared for since it was rebuilt and restored. There are a few MOTs and old tax discs but not much else on file. A factory records check will confirm all matching numbers. Quite superb all round.