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What bikes to we have in our collection?

It all depends on what you buy for; a balance of investment and the pleasure of ownership? The ownership thing is personal and a heart decision; it’s usually about what you had or wanted years ago if it’s a classic; so I can’t advise on that.

The investment thing is a head decision and it depends on when you buy and how long you keep them. Plus a whole load of other variables like model, year, colour, history (miles and owners) and numbers produced. For instance; the Triumph Bonneville limited edition "McQueen" special is a genuine limited edition but if you bought early it will depreciate before it appreciates in value. I am a McQueen fan but personally the Hinckley Bonnie leaves me cold so I would let it go in favour of something more exciting, but then that’s heart ruling head! Being a new bike you will have to keep it for years to see a significant appreciation and in the meantime you can’t use it because it’s new and it's future value is enhanced if it stays new. The same is true with my MH900ie, which is why I would sell it for the right price. I like to ride them. Examples of low production newish bikes that have done their depreciation quickly and are already on the up are Ducati's Desmosedici, BMW's HP4 Sport and MegaMoto (nobody wanted that when new) and some of Ducati’s Sport Classic range. These are classics of the future for sure.

If, like me, you went to Motorcycle Live this year, you will have heard if not seen the supercharged 300bhp Kawasaki H2R and this machine probably fits in there; first of a generation, expensive and exclusive, likely to be a small number produced. It ticks some of the boxes although it’s too early to say from an investment point of view so it’s a risky buy. Wandering around the halls there were some quieter but more significant machines on display. The Paton and Rickman Metisse cafe racer offerings particularly took my eye; they have real heritage and are genuine hand made motorcycles. At something over £20k; a similar price to the road-going version of Kawasaki's H2, these are bikes you can enjoy owning and riding. They are really different and must offer an excellent investment opportunity over time. I had the pleasure of meeting my old friends Derek Rickman and his lovely wife Eileen on the Metisse stand and talking to Gerry Lisi about the new 997 Cafe Racer got me excited about buying a new bike for the first time in years! And of course this new machine comes from the same stable as the Rickman Metisse limited edition Steve McQueen bike which is the real deal because it is a bike he actually owned and loved. One of those too then please, oh and Derek just sign it all up for me please..