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Tech Report: Ducati 916 chrome rocker improvements


This is a common problem found on 888/916/996  ‘4 valve’ motors and is the result of what we believe to be a design flaw. The cam followers have a hard chrome finish but are subject to constant battering from the camshafts, resulting in worn and peeling chrome. Simon’s own 996 suffered the same problem after only 13,000 miles and after much head scratching and deliberation he had tooling made that enabled a local engineering shop to take a profile of the parts, cut them back by 0.5mm with spark erosion and build them back up with laser welded high quality Stellite. The shape was then recreated by spark eroding back to the original profile. This unofficial ‘fix’ has now, after more than 7000 miles, been proven as an effective solution to the problem and was applied to the 916 Strada at the request of the client.

This is the quality of the Stellite finished rockers