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Manufacturer: AutoMoto
Model: 125 AD
Condition: Very good (4)
Engine: 125cc
Year: 1949
Price: £1,950

A very attractive girder/rigid framed little 125cc two stroke single with hand gear change and lots of character. Imported and registered in August 2018 on an age-related number plate, all we know about it is that it was manufactured in 1949. The engine runs and the gears work but there is considerable play in the main bearins so it's noisy and oily and best considered a candidate for an engine rebuild. Only one previous owner (presumably the importer, the DVLA don't tell you now) and the one elderly owner who exchanged it with us for something even smaller didn't ride it. If it doesn't find a new home quickly we'll update this with a mechanical assessment and video of it running, but if we end up spending time on it in the workshop the price may creep up a little. Buy now if you're looking for a bargain lively lightweight and don't mind some work, it's a pretty thing and very unusual.