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Manufacturer: BMW
Model: R100GS
Condition: Excellent (3)
Engine: 980cc
Year: 1993
Price: £3,950

This machine came to us described as completely rebuilt and restored and you can see and hear that is clearly the case. Taken in part exchange by a friendly local modern motorcycle dealer, we gave the bike to Classic Bike Workshop to de-clutter back to near standard, just leaving the useful additional lights fitted and working. Everything mechanical has been checked, adjusted correctly and the result is a smooth sounding engine which starts on the button and should be run-in gently for a few miles to be safe. Everything electrical has been checked and improved and it all works as it should. Everything has been powder coated or painted as you can see and although not strictly standard and perhaps not quite to professional standards, the result is pleasing and of high quality with a lacquered finish. Seven former keepers on the V5C document, which is the only document on file. This bike will come with a new MOT. We did write to the previous owner in the hope of finding some documented history of the bike and details of the comprehensive rebuild it has just recieved. Nothing was forthcoming so we spent a lot of time checking everything in the workshop; we don't like unknowns; and it was worth it because the bike is significantly improved as a result. The engine appears to have been rebuilt completely and competently we are glad to report. It's a bargain at this price, which recognises the lack of documented history, and it comes with a good pair of the correct BMW panniers.