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Manufacturer: BMW
Model: R69S
Condition: Excellent (3)
Engine: 599cc
Year: 1962
Price: £17,950

BMW's iconic boxer twin; the R69S; presented here with a rare and original Hoske fuel tank (with small tool box on top). This machine; originally supplied to South Africa; has undergone a complete rebuild and restoration between 2005 and 2012 when it was first registered in the UK. The two UK owners have ridden and cherished the machine in equal measure and the document file has details of not only the original restoration but subsequent improvements. So it's not just for show. This is the impression you get when starting (easy  to kick and willing to start due to the electronic magneto ignition) and riding the machine. It is well sorted as well as being so beautiful. New parts and recent service work too numerous to mention but many noted on file and all apparent when you see, hear and ride this magnificent machine. The one are that lets the bike down is the front brake which; despite new brake shoe linings; is disappointing, so the shoes have been off to a specialist to re-line again but with a special friction material this time to grip on the newly-skimmed drum. The result is impressive, this bike has a great front brake now! The bike is MOTd even though it's exempt, tax exempt of course and is ready to ride, indeed we have enjoyed test riding it and bedding the new brakes in. The engine and frame are correct matching numbers supported by a BMW Club letter certifying originality and provenance and it's registered on a correct age related UK number with V5C.