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Manufacturer: BMW
Model: R90S
Condition: Very Good (4)
Year: 1976
Price: £11,950

The rarest smoke grey version of the iconic R90S in lovely condition with heaps of history showing very few miles and owners from new in 1976. There is a stack of paperwork on file including a four page handwritten summary by the last-but-one-owner; who has owned the bike before and counts two of the others as personal friends! In fact this bike has passed between a circle of BMW enthusiasts; all known to CSB; since 1979 and of the 7 former keepers on the V5C one is on twice and only the first two are ouside this known group. The bike stood unused for over ten years in the 1980s-90s which goes some way to explaining the extaordinarily low mileage. Every MOT since 1993 confirms the mileage is genuine and there are three sales invoices on file so it's history is well recorded since 1979. The paintwork was renewed by Dream Machine in 1998 at 13,600 miles for no other reason than it had a few blemishes and it was the fashion at the time. At the same time the wheels were rebuilt with new bearings and stainless spokes. More recent service history notes a gearbox rebuild, new fork stanchions and progressive springs, rear suspension units, switch-gear and pannier frames. The seat has also been re-covered but in the earlier 1974 plain cover pattern. Much of this work was unneccessary and says more about the somewhat obsessive ownership than how it was used (or not used to be more accurate). What you see and hear now is a very rare thing indeed: a sub-20k miles R90S that has been used and is in perfect running order. Condition could be improved with some detailed attention and that would be easy to do. What you're paying for here is something you just can't buy in normal circumstances...a genuine low miles and owners UK R90S in the rarest colour scheme. Just listen to that engine, it really does sound like new because it is only just run-in. This bike comes MOTd with a very good set of Krauser-made BMW panniers and all the extras you can see. The original rear mudguard is with it as the last owner modified and fitted another which can be hinged out of the way to remove the rear wheel easily on the side of the road. People used to do that you know? Tools, keys and pump all there.