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Manufacturer: BMW
Model: R90S
Condition: Very good (4)
Engine: 898cc
Year: 1975
Price: Sold

This is a great example of the rare black/silver R90S from Sweden, complete with highly prized engine-bars as fitted to their Police bikes. Overall condition is very very good for an unrestored 43 year-old bike with 75k miles on the clock. There is a stack of paperwork with it including old MOTs, receipts including the engine work and the original tools are still with it. The actual mileage is 74,826 miles (119,722 km) because it's been around the clock once, so that is the original speedo. It's a bit scruffy in places but exceptionally nice in others, the frame is in great condition for original as this is a weak area for original finish. The side-panels are replicas painted not-quite the right colour but the originals (cracked from a fall, they do fall off when the rubber bands break) are with it. You can buy the original side panels in the correct colour for £157 each but not the decals! The engine is really sweet so whoever rebuilt it knew exactly what they were doing; smooth, quiet and smoke-free. The invoices from this work are extensive but all in Swedish. The exhausts are stainless replacements and the front mudguard has been replaced with an genuien BMW replacment at some time in the last ownership. The more you look at the originality and experience just how good the engine is, the more you will grow to love it. It's really exceptional, just look at how much finer the original BMW paintwork was than so many new paint jobs. It starts on the button, no throttle no fuss, just like they used to do when they were new. Lots to like and a couple of grand cheaper than some so if you want a genuinely nice matching numbers R90S to ride rather than show this is the one you'll enjoy owning. BMW panniers with it in excellent condition but of the later (better fixings) type.