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Ducati 65 Sport

Manufacturer: Ducati
Model: 65 Sport
Condition: Average (5)
Engine: 65cc
Year: 1956 ish
Price: Sold

This model was made between 1953 and 1958 and the frame and engine numbers are clear and unmolested so it should be easy enought to date accurately. Has been restored to a pretty average condition, recently undergone a significant mechanical overhaul to get her running and she does run sweetly now. The headlight has been removed for a daylight MOT (now expired but could be re-tested although not necessary anymore) so the parts come with it. No rear light or wiring to speak of. This very machine has just been ridden joyously by Roy Poynting and pictures by the talented photographer Terry Joslin will appear in the hallowed pages of The Classic Motorcycle magazine in the near future. Lovely thing, bargain at this price.