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Honda CB400A

Manufacturer: Honda
Model: CB400 Automatic
Condition: Concours (1)
Engine: 394cc
Year: 1981
Price: Sold

One owner from new, 3 miles recorded from new, preserved as new with the exception of a scratch (repaired badly) on the fuel tank. Has oil in engine, may never have had fuel in the tank, can't be sure. Old and new V5/V5C registration documents, originally supplied by Motorcycle City so another local bike! All the books and keys. Wow.
Stop Press! Now recommissioned for the new owner by Classic Bike Workshop. Not an easy or quick job as someone had put something red in the tank which had gummed up the carbs and they are very intricate carbs with diaghrams and drillings everywhere. Two stroke oil in the fuel perhaps many years ago, or some additive? Either way; big mistake. And the hydraulics were gummed up too, we know why fluid gets changed at service time. As usual we found evidence of someone trying to make it run without success, a trail of mistakes to be rectified as we went along; silicone and guesswork everywhere but luckily no damage done. The key to success was in the carbs which took complete dismatling, two sonic-baths and a lot of hand cleaning and gentle poking and blowing and more cleaning to find some hidden blocked drillings deep in the carb bodies. Lovely now though, ignition timed to perfection, carbs adjusted perfectly, balanced and breathing through new air filters, fuel flowing through a new tap and a host of other faults rectified. A very satisfying result indeed and a very nice machine.