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Honda XR200R

Manufacturer: Honda
Model: XR200 RC
Condition: Excellent (3)
Engine: 199cc
Year: 1983
Price: Sold

This excellent example of Honda's iconic XR200R has been the subject of a no-expense-spared ground up restoration using lots of genuine new-old-stock (NOS) and good refurbished original parts; very few replica parts to be seen although the new chain and sprockets are not genuine Honda. The bike came to us from a fine collection of classic Honda motorcycles painstakingly restored and then stored without being used. The engine had been rebuilt but never run and sadly when we started it we weren't happy with it; just a little too mechanically noisy for a rebuilt motor. So we completely dismantled the engine, noting many new parts throughout but some slight wear in the little-end bush. This means a complete new crankshaft on one of these engines and cranks are virtually unobtainable and expensive, which probably explains why the old one was deemed good enough. Classic Bike Workshop managed to find and procure a NOS Honda crankshaft complete with new main bearings so the enging really is as good as a new one now. Sounds like it too. So all-in-all it's superb and has cost us more than it's advertised for here but they are only worth so much and you'll struggle to find a nicer one. The bike is UK registered as a matching numbers machine, all numbers clearly stamped and correct on the V5C but the Honda anoraks amongst us will know their numbers didn't match exactly so there may have been some jiggery-pokery going on at some time in the past (not uncommon particularly with off-roaders). Needs running in and then regular oil changes which keeps these little motors tip-top for miles and miles of on/off road riding/racing.