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Kawasaki KH400

Manufacturer: Kawasaki
Model: kh400 A4
Condition: Excellent (3)
Engine: 401cc
Year: 1977
Price: Sold

A genuine low mileage UK Kawasaki 400 two-stroke triple, clearly restored to a degree in that the paintwork is quite recent and absolutely lovely but the frame paint looks original and so much of it looks well preserved rather than restored. The V5C confirms it's a UK bike first registered on 20th July 1977 and the frame/ engine numbers are close enough to be matching, as is the case with Kawasakis. Not much in the way of history but the engine sounds crisp and sweet so with 17.5k miles on the clock it must have had at least a top-end rebuild by the sounds of it. Lots of original genuine parts, exhausts included but these haven't been re-chromed as many of the parts have been so the Kawasaki stamps are clearly recogniseable and correct for this model. All the hallmarks of a bike that has survived over 40 years by doing very few miles, being well looked after and receiving some sympathetic recent restoration.