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Suzuki GT750

Manufacturer: Suzuki
Model: GT750 M
Condition: Average (5)
Engine: 738cc
Year: 1975
Price: £6,500

When we say partially restored we mean it could make a very nice example of the one-to-have M model GT750 from 1975. This bike has had a lovely paint job in the original colours, really nicely done to standard spec, but then the tank badges have been roughly finished and let it down. Easily fixed but needs fixing to make it really nice. Examples of this abound on this machine, like the beautufully refurbished frame into which the engine has been refitted without cosmetic restoration. It's mechanically sound; may have been rebuilt in fact almost certainly has at some time; but badly finished, a mix of original lacquer and the start of preparation for polishing. The fan isn't fitted; not strictly necessary in this country but the fittings are there so it's like it was just left off. Nice refurbished seat but no catch. Nice original exhaust system and lots of other original parts you would really want to make the most of on a restoration-worthy machine like this. Wheel rims are good, most of it is good actually it's just that there is stuff to do to make it worth the money that has already been spent. Recently imported from Sweden with all the correct paperwork to register in the UK, and we will help with the paperwork involved which is straighforward and relatively quick to process. A bargain a this price too, with potential to fettle and increase in value as a result so a good investment and will be a lovely bike to ride. Carbs recently cleaned and set up so it runs nicely but being offered at this price as a ride or restore project for someone who wants a GT750M without paying GT750M money at the moment, and with the time this winter to get stuck into it. Nice bike, plenty of potential.