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Suzuki T500 Racer project

Manufacturer: Suzuki
Model: T500
Condition: For restoration (9)
Engine: 500cc
Year: 1971
Price: £3,500

Another project which we won't have time to finish but it has the potential to make someone very happy. In addition to everything pictured there is a good set of racing expansion chamber exhausts in matt black and a Scitsu electronic rev counter. The boxes are full of goodies which can be detailed on request but the main elements are the braced race frame, good engine with new racing cylinder heads, race carbs, newly built alloy wheels with new AM23l race tyres, large front disc and Grimeca caliper, new seat unit and fibreglass fuel tank, new Falcon shocks, new Electrexworld racing ignition system and so much more. The basics of a really competitive classic race bike is here and though it's pictured with old rearsets there is a pair of new Triton reasets in the box, along with new steering damper, catch goes on. The engine came from DK and seems good although the cylinders have been breathed on and in the search for standard we bought another pair of cylinders so there are two pairs, both needing some work. So most of it is there but although this machine has raced it has beens stripped for a while and components have come and gone so there will be some parts to find and/or make to arrive at a competitive machine. I was going to give the engine to a specialist to build as standard or mild tune, then put the chassis together with all the bests bits from the boxes but our workshop is busy for the next two years and we need the space and I have two other track bikes so my two-stroke dream is over before it started. The frame paint looks lovely but it's not well applied to be honest and easily scratched, I'd do it again properly. And some of it is assembled for the pictures so tank and seat mountings will need to be made, for instance. The value of the parts is probably twice the price advertised, as will be the finished bike, but they are only worth anything to someone with the skills and time to make the most of it, so if you are that person please give it a good home. Frame and engine numbers provided on request. Remember there is a lovely set of race pipes and an electronic tacho with it as well.