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Velocette Venom Clubman

Manufacturer: Velocette
Model: Venom Clubman
Condition: Excellent (3)
Engine: 499cc
Year: 1970
Price: Sold

Old and new log books and a collection of MOTs confirm these staggering facts: Four owners from new, last one bought the bike in 1979. A good history file compiled by a responsible and knowledgable owner complements this "timewarp" machine. New in 1970 so one of the last to leave the factory. Genuine Clubman, matching numbers, largely undrestored and completely unmolested example. Tank and mudguards have had paint but original factory transfer on headstock and dealer transfer on rear light confirm it's original in most respects. As with most Velos there are a fair few stainless fittings which have been added over the years. To be absolutely clear here; what you are looking at is quite unusual, the clocks are unrestored items with genuine mileage showing on the odometer. The Dunlop rims are in near-perfect condition, original spokes, unrestored frame, factory-fresh low mileage engine. It's almost a shame the silver and black have been re-painted but even then the tank was painted by an ex-factory worker who painted Velocette tanks professionally. The engine has never been apart and it's the quietest, easiest-to-start Velo we've ever had; a testimony to how good they could be out of the factory without having "suffered from maintenance" as Gerry says at Classic Bike Workshop. He's been all over it and put a few wrongs right and now we love it. Why would I sell such a bike? Oh yes, that's what I do! I think this is going to be in stock for about 5 minutes.