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Yamaha AS1

Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model: YAS1 / YAS1C
Condition: Very Good (4)
Engine: 124cc
Year: 1969
Price: Sold

The difference between a YAS1 and a YAS1C is that the C has high handlebars, exhausts and folding footrests, oh and the tank is painted with no chrome panel. There may be other differences but I can't think of them. So have we got a YAS1 with C exhausts and footrests or a YAS1C with standard 'bars and tank? A numbers check will reveal all but given that all the C parts are rarer than standard; particularly the fuel tank; I am inclined to think it's a standard bike with C parts on it but it really could be either. Nice mix of styles though, a good look and the engine sounds mechanically excellent so worth investing a little tidying time to lift overall condition and value. All standard parts in very good condition; the tinware is particularly sought after and in unusually good condition on this machine. Chrome on original mudgaurds and wheel rims is excellent albeit a little pitted on the front mudguard. Paint isn't original but it's nice. Seat has been refurbished at some time and it's nice too. The rare upswept exaust system is in unvelievably good condition and that along with the tinware would fetch a fortune on the spares maket. The only ommission I can see is a lack of side stand and the only obvious non-standard part is the left engine casing which is from a later model. The engine is finished in black and it would have been silver (except the barrels) so this looks like a restorer has had his way with a licence to create something individual in terms of classic Yamaha specification (black engines is a Yamaha period look). A nice result, starts first kick, sounds sweet and these things go like absolute stink (leaves many 250 four strokes) so hard to beat in smiles-for-money terms. UK registered, matching frame and engine numbers as they should be, ready to ride or improve.