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Yamaha R1

Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model: YZF R1
Condition: Very Good (4)
Engine: 998cc
Year: 1998
Price: Sold

Recently imported from Sweden with the documents present and correct to register in the UK for you. This is the model to have and although condition and mileage might put some collector-investors off it is one of those bikes that grows on you the more you look beyond the obvious minor cosmetic flaws. The original silencer is with it by the way, so spec is standard original and appears to be unrestored. 56,731km is around 35k miles which is not a lot for an R1 in fact, and condition is absolutely consistent with that so it looks like an honest example of an early R1 which has been ridden and well maintained. There is nothing in the way of documented history so what you see is what you get, and the more you look and the more you hear the more there is to like. The engine is mechanically very crisp and quiet, revs cleany and willingly, starts instantly you thumb the button and idles smoothly suggesting a charmed life and good servicing. Nothing sticking or leaking like so many bikes that have been stored unused for a time. New tyres, good chain/sprockets, everything works and seems adjusted properly. The cosmetic let-downs are the usual scuffs and minor blemishes associated with a machine of this age and mileage, even one well looked after. The fuel tank is the exception, where you can see it's been damaged on top; looks like when the tank has been removed for servicing perhaps? Haven't ridden it yet but can't fault it as a nice original R1; the right model in the right colours; ready to ride today and maybe one day restore?