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Yamaha XS1100

Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model: XS1100 Pre-production
Condition: Nearly Concours (2)
Engine: 1101cc
Year: 1978
Price: Sold

We talk about bikes being "unique" and they are in that each has it's own frame/VIN/chassis number, but rarely does the word "unique" have such meaning in a production motorcycle. This UK Yamaha XS1100 is serial number 2H9-000090; the pre-production/ homologation special show bike which also served as a press demonstrator; will be the actual bike seen in all the magazines and at all the shows when the model was launched in 1977. Production XS1100s started from number 000101 in the UK. There is quite a story to how it ended up on the road after many years, on a correct age related registration number. The last owner for 20 years; an active owners club member; has accumulated a huge history file and spared no expense bringing it back to absolutely standard specification and maintaining it in perfect running condition. This is the bike that regularly leads our local classic bike runs so it's well known to us and to be honest we never thought it would be offered for sale at any price. The bike and it's owner are famous for having been done for speeding while leading one of the classic runs and the bike has won numberous concours awards over the years. Genuine bike, genuine reason for sale after so many years of pampered ownership, genuinely looking for a good new home. Applications invited.