Yamaha TDR250

TDR250 (3CK)
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Completely rebuilt and restored UK TDR250 in amazing show-winning condition. Matching 3CK numbers; three former keepers; the last for sixteen years restored it to the condition you see now. Complete with comprehensive document file which includes genuine Yamaha owners manual, service manual and parts books, old V5Cs and MOTs (almost if not all the old MOTs including the first 1993 certificate) Sales Invoice from Gordon Farley Motorcycles, lists of parts used, parts invoices and spare keys. The engine rebuild included a rebore and new pistons/rings just to be sure, bottom end bearings inspected but as it ran perfectly a top-end refresh was all deemed necessary after only 11k miles. Absolutely anything and everything considered in need of replacement was replaced. The cosmetic restoration was a bare-frame nut & bolt rebuild with almost everything re-painted or plated or replaced where NOS genuine items were available. The wheels were rebuilt with new spokes and a new front rim; all genuine Yamaha items. The quality speaks for itself in the pictures and it doesn’t disappoint in the flesh. I can’t see one cracked plastic panel on this machine; new or used parts are all in excellent condition and of course specification is absolutely standard so  it’s museum quality investment grade stock. Very rare if not unique in this condition. The bike hasn’t turned a wheel since the restoration, carbs are full of new parts but will need setting up correctly, oil pump primed and cylinders lubed for storage, so some recommissioning work will be required; which we will be happy to do; or it’s good to go straight into a collection for use later if so desired.


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