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Honda CBX1000Z

Manufacturer: Honda
Model: CBX1000 Z
Condition: Excellent (3)
Engine: 1050cc
Year: 1979
Price: Sold

This is a very nice unmolested example of Honda's iconic six cylinder superbike. The engine has been looked after by a well known and respected specialist of all things CBX so it's very sweet. Little used recently but starts on the button and sounds very good indeed. Small jobs to do; in addition to a really good clean; include replacing the tacho needle which has hilariously been repaired with a Smiths one! That's a job easily done by the right people. We have a new front brake master cylinder rebuild kit to fit before she goes too (not cheap but worth it to protect the beautiful tank paintwork from the small fluid weep detected. An excellent new replacement David Silver exhaust system has been fitted, the seat is original and refreshingly all the USA identifiers like the handlebars and the frame plate have been left exactly as they should be, so it's a really nice honest bike, not pretending to be a UK model and all the better for it we believe. Nice collection of invoices on file showing how well she's been looked after by her one UK owner.