Royal Enfield Constellation

Royal Enfield
Very good (4)

An award winner on a very wet local classic bike run! And a surprisingly lovely ride, even in the wet. It hasn’t been a lot of fun in the workshop with this one to be honest but the good news is; it’s been worth it. Came in as a collection of parts really, big lumps all together, some nice original parts like the rare twin carburettor set but some replica parts like the new fuel tank which of course didn’t really fit. It does now. It all fits and and it all works very nicely indeed. It’s a healthy engine; of course it is a 700cc twin; and having been bolted together well and timed and tuned to perfection it responds very rewardingly on the open road. And it stops too! It’s not the perfectly restored machine some are but it looks good and now it goes well too. Not a bad Connie at all, might change my mind about these…


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