Norton 650SS

Excellent (3)

One of the best 650SS you’ll find but not actually matching numbers. Owned and ridden and rebuilt and maintained by my friend Gerry since 1983 with only one former keeper. If you knew Gerry you would know this is the bike to have. Rebuilt with superblend bearing bottom-end and with all the skill and experience we wish we had, it starts easily and rides superbly. The tank was a NOS item years ago and still retains the factory paint although there is the patina of years and it never was a show bike. Standard spec throughout including the rare original tinware, it is the genuine article in every way. The matching number engine was produced on the same day as the one fitted; it’s that close; and the one fitted appears in all the documentation on file so there is a good chance that this engine did come out of the factory in this frame in error. Unless we find an engine with these frame numbers in the frame with these engine numbers we will never know. Numbers provided on request, nothing to hide, there is an interesting story to be discovered perhaps, but for now it remains a mystery and the numbers are very close but not the same. It’s a riders bike in this condition anyway, looking for a buyer demanding a machine in the finest mechanical condition.


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