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Gilera Nuovo Saturno

Manufacturer: Gilera
Model: Nuovo Saturno Bialbero
Condition: Excellent (3)
Engine: 350cc
Year: 1989
Price: £4,750

We love these little rockets. This low mileage unmolested example of the 350cc single was originally imported from Japan and snapped up by CSB for light restoration and complete refurbishment about three years ago. There is a huge list of work and new parts from that time including engine service with new belts, fluids and anything needed, new sticky tyres, powder coated wheels, indicators and a battery. This was the result; a beautifully running beautiful example of the "new" Saturno which was priced out of everyone's reach when it was made in 1989, largely due to the fact that the model was made specifically for the Japanese and that's where they all went. It seems and odd combination; Japanese spec and Italian manufacture; but it works like nothing else. We have a TT Special and a standard 500 at CSB which get some hard use on track and road and we all agree they put a bigger smile on our face than we would ever expect, with reliability thrown in too. The smaller capacity model is the same in all respects to the 500 and just as rewarding. This bike is due back into stock very soon and will be available after Classic Bike Workshop have given it a thorough check-over after a few years in the careful ownership of a gentleman now retiring from riding. It's done very few miles since these pictures but we will take new ones as soon as it's back.