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Honda CX500

Manufacturer: Honda
Model: CX500
Condition: Excellent (3)
Engine: 498cc
Year: 1983
Price: Sold

Originally registered and used in Germany up to November 2010, now registered in the UK with all German and UK registration documents present and correct. This is a unique example of how good the old "Maggot" was when new. A very rare (never available in the UK) very late C model with twin spark ignition and twin piston front brake calipers, this was the CX500 at it's best before it became the 650 with it's Eurostyling. German ownership has been very kind indeed to this machine, as evidenced by the stunning condition of chrome, painted and lacquered parts which just would not have survived 27k miles in this country. Now converted to UK spec with replacement instruments and headlight, recently serviced and thoroughly checked in the workshop and presented in the excellent condition you see here. This bike rides exactly like a good CX500 always did; puts a smile on your face and won't let you down. A classic you can ride and ride.