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Suzuki GSXR1000 Isle of Man TT

Manufacturer: Suzuki
Model: GSXR1000 K7 IoM TT Limited Edition
Condition: Nearly Concours (2)
Engine: 1000cc
Year: 2007
Price: £8,995

A genuine limited edition of only 150 machines created to commemorate 100 years of the Isle of Man TT. This is number 48 and as you can see it is in stunning standard condition. 4k miles on the clock, all the books and keys and the all-important certificate of authenticity, good history file and recent service attention including new tyres. It's a special bike to ride too; the K7 being recognised as a milestone model in itself as time goes by. This should be a keeper for someone who can see into the future. Now in stock and the only blemish we can see is a few small paint chips to the rear tail which has been badly touched-up. Easily improved with the right colour and a little careful attention. Pretty perfect otherwise and to feel the (light) weight, compact size and hear those beautiful Yoshi pipes is to appreciate what this bike is really all about. The standard exhausts (brand new and wrapped) come with it, as does the rear seat pad and footrests.