BMW R80/2

R80/2 hybrid
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This unique R80/2 is built to combine the best of the old-school iconic BMW twins of the ’50s and ’60s with the later advantages of boxer twin and braking developments, and it works. Built with knowledge and passion by a friend and customer of many years, so it comes with a pedigree. The R80/2 comprises of a 1956 R60 swinging arm frame (first registered in the UK on 02/04/1964) an engine from a 1985 RT mono driving to a 1986 GS gearbox with kick start through a modified swing arm to a later 1988 1000cc final drive unit. The engine has been inspected and refreshed with heads overhauled and bores honed gently with new rings fitted. Charging system is uprated from a 1983 Police bike with diode board replaced by Podtronic unit allowing 85-90% recovery of the generator output instead of 50/50% before. If you ask me questions on this I will have to phone a friend. The rear of the frame is stiffened with gusset plates as per R60/2 and R69S and the headstock has been stiffened as per factory specification. The old “baked bean tin” ignition has been removed and replaced with a silent-hektik electronic ignition system, which allows the engine to move forward in the frame. Wheels are 2 section narrow wired rims from a 1983 R80GS, the front fitted with twin Brembo hydraulic brake callipers with stainless hoses and larger capacity master cylinder on the handlebars.

What you get is an old BMW with modern engine and brakes, electric start, heated grips and modern instrumentation. The colour is a cool dark metallic green and it looks beautiful with the much sought after Schorst Meyer 5 gallon sport fitted here, matching the frame. This bike is well proven on the road by the builder who is only selling it due to ill-health. Ready to ride, would actually make an excellent bike for fitting a sidecar due to the power and brakes…just imagine it with a new Steib replica painted to match. Lovely as it is of course, might tidy the battery box area if we’re being fussy but it’s a lovely job.

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