Honda CB900 Custom

Very good (4)

What were Honda thinking in 1982? They must have had a massive overstock of “spec” and decided to put it all on one machine! Four cylinder, double overhead cams, four carbs, four pipes, ten gears (5-speed box with high and low ratios), three disc brakes, air assisted front and rear suspension, Comstar wheels and a top speed of 124mph. All wrapped up in a rider-friendly Custom style package that is oh so ’80s. Hated them at the time (being into sports bikes) but love them now as they’re so comfortable and this model is based on the hugely successful European CB900F so it is a proven package. Not a lightweight at 277kg (wet) but feels light on the road when moving, just don’t ever try pushing it uphill into your garage.

This machine is offered for sale through Classic Super Bikes and comes from a cherished collection of classics, all of which have been started regularly and used from time to time. They have been well looked after and stored in excellent dry conditions with workshop facilities to keep them in good order. Most are unrestored and retain their original standard specification. Some show signs of use and age, all look and sound to be in fine mechanical condition which reflects the owners priorities; classic bikes to be ridden and enjoyed. All great classic machines from a good home at excellent prices. All desirable models too, which with a little more use and attention may well prove to be good investments as well as providing some genuine riding thrills from an era so loved by those of us of a certain age.



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