Matchless G3L AFS

G3LS Auxiliary Fire Service
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“Civil Defence Makes Common Sense – Join the AFS” proclaimed posters in the mid 1950s, at which time Britain was very Civil Defence minded and the Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) was a well equipped fire fighting force. The Matchless G3LS AFS worked alongside the famous “Green Goddess” self-propelled water pumps, keeping convoys moving and carrying messages and small important items of equipment. These bikes are the subject of many articles over the years, one in 1984 entitled “The Great Disappearing G3LS Mystery” which led John Partington (owner of 590 – this is 591) to do some research and write an article  on the Home Office Matchless. This is on file along with some hand-written letters from John to the previous owner of this machine which formed part of his research. Also on file is correspondence with the last owner who was a member of the AFS himself and rode these machines back in the day. The file also contains a copy of the 1969 auction sale catalogue listing this machine and others, the original RF60 Log Book, V5C and a manual. The bike itself has been very well maintained by the last owner who cherished more than he used it. Mechanically quiet, it’s an easy starter and runs faultlessly offering smooth and smoke-free performance ideal for todays busy roads or country lanes. These later heavyweight AMC singles are a joy to own, providing reliable and easy riding pleasure, and the interest in the AFS model gives it something extra, whether or not you had anything to do with the Auxiliary Fire Service.


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