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Manufacturer: BMW
Model: K75 S
Condition: Very good (4)
Engine: 750cc
Year: 1986
Price: £1,950

Returning to stock very soon and will have the customary workshop inspection before new pictures are taken, but the bike has done very few miles since these pictures were taken and it's been serviced and treated to new tyres. Well sorted 750cc triple in "S" spec with the fairing, this machine is a really good example of how good the early K series can be. Only 60k miles and eight owners from new, the history file is stuffed with service receipts from Gus Kuhn Motors in Clapham and Andy Lee Motorcycles of Cambridge. The original Sales Invoice from Gus Kuhn is in the file, dated 4th October 1986, and there is also a DVLA MOT history request along with some old MOTs. It's clear that the recorded mileage is genuine and this machine has been well serviced throughout it's life. Everything works, it starts with the usual smoke after a rest which clears completely after a while running. As you can hear it sounds exactly like they always did; so different from the boxers they were supposed to replace; which is rather attractive now and the result of this bike being completely standard in most respects. The tinted screen and tailored seat cover aren't standard of course but they look good and work well. Will have a new MOT.