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Honda XL250 Motosport

Manufacturer: Honda
Model: XL250 K0
Condition: Excellent (3)
Engine: 248cc
Year: 1972
Price: £5,500

Rare unrestored matching numbers K0 Motosport in remarkably good condition. Very low mileage and mechanically excellent although as you can hear the carburation needs sorting out, and it will be, properly. Just going through the usual; undoing the damage inflicted by the previous carburettor rebuild; by the time we have filled it with expensive new genuine parts and tuned it to perfection it will be the sweetest XL250 in the world as well as one of the rarest in this condition. I had one when many many years ago and they are inclined to run rich in standard spec so now we know what we know we'll fix it up better than new. The video tells you it's mechanically excellent as well as confirming the carburation needs work. Two owners in the UK since importation from the USA, all UK registered and paperwork correct. Stunning. I want it.