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Manufacturer: BMW
Model: R80 G/S
Condition: Excellent (3)
Engine: 798cc
Year: 1983
Price: Sold

Unrestored except for stainless spokes and standard except for upgraded front brake and lowered footpegs ( the standard parts in perfect condition come with the bike). This bike really is exceptional in so many ways. The engine is the sweetest sounding boxer twin from this era, as it should be after less than 12k miles - they take 10k miles to run in properly! Idles so quietly and smoothly, looks like only this model looks, surely the best ever GS and no wonder it was a trend-setter. Condition is consistent with careful mileage and loving service attention. Fitted with unobtainable (and were expensive) extra clock and rev-counter, pannier frames but no panniers, leather tail bag, new cables and fuel lines throughout and a kick-start. A complete stainless Keihin exhaust system complements the accessories already mentioned. The original tool kit is there, all the paperwork (including old MOTs to verify mileage), keys manuals, the lot. Really really really nice. Returning to stock after about 400 miles and a full service since these pictures were taken, the most recent owner moving on to something he'll be more comfortable putting lots of miles on.