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Norton Commando

Manufacturer: Norton
Model: Commando (early)
Condition: Excellent (3)
Engine: 750cc
Year: 1968
Price: £11,500

A very early matching numbers Commando in exclellent condition and presented in the iconic style of the slightly later "Fastback". Many rare early features remain so could be taken back to original spec with the older style silencers and a few detail changes, or enjoyed as it is with the classic Commando look. First registered in Sweden and only recently imported from there, next owner will be the first UK owner on the V5C. The Commando has just ememrged from Classic Bike Workshop with a host of invisible improvements that will ensure enjoyable and trouble-free riding for the next owner. Happy to report that the engine is one of the quietest mechanically and the usual technical checks indicate all is well within. The electrical system has been completely renewed with a new cloth-covered wiring loom, all new connectors and completely re-wired electronic ignition system strobe-timed to perfection. The carburettors have also been rebuilt with new parts and gaskets where necessary. New oil and oil supply lines, valves adjusted to correct clearances and a host of detail improvments have transformed this machine into something that will go as good as it looks. Lots of original parts have survived including the fibreglass bodywork and fuel tank, which currently contains Aspen ethanol-free fuel to preserve it. The frames on these early models were all recalled for replacement with the braced frame and this one has been done properly so no worries there. It's really very nice indeed.
Stop Press: proper centre stand now fitted, exhausts re-mounted with new brackets and fittings, engine set up to perfection and running pictures to follow will show improvements!