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AJS 410cc Trials Special

Manufacturer: AJS
Model: 16C with com
Condition: Nearly Concours (2)
Engine: 410cc
Year: 1964
Price: £10,750

Huge trials competition spec, from the 16C engine rebuilt to 410cc to the bespoke Bamford frame (this one standard not high) and everything else in between. Still lurking in our friend's collection as you can see but it's available and will make its way here for pictures soon enough. Finished with beautiful black paint over classic grey frame, this machine is a looker and a performer, already proven at the Talmag trial in the competent and confident hands of Tommy McCabe. Spec includes 100% rebuild engine, gearbox and new build rolling chassis using some original parts but mostly trick bits. Like Grimeca hubs and GasGas forks, so not striclty period but this bike has nothing to hide and the performance trade-off is more than worth it. Expensive perhaps but you can't build it for this price even if you had the skills and the parts and knew where to start. And it's a proven performer so this is a no risk purchase if you want to ride trials as well as look good.