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Manufacturer: BMW
Model: R80 GS
Condition: Nearly Concours (2)
Engine: 798cc
Year: 1992
Price: Sold

Here is a great example of how to rebuild and restore a bike to it's original condition without cutting corners. It's also a good example of why you can only ever restore bikes properly if you are doing it for yourself and not for profit. The list is endless, every nut and bolt and bearing and seal has been renewed, replaced or refurbished to as good or better than new. The engine was built by DeFazio a few years ago and now it's running we can appreciate why their reputation was second to none; this bike is smoooooth. The wheels have been stripped, blasted and re-spoked with stainless spokes before installing with new bearings and seals. The paint is all new and to original pattern, lots of stainless fittings, Motorworks, Motobins and James Sherlock all had good results on the back of this GS! I think just about everything you can see is new including the tyres, everything you can't see including the battery of course and of course there are some exceptions like the original hadlebar pad which has cleaned up well and the BMW screen which polished up niclely too. Will need running in and should prove to be an exceptional example when it is. The only significant deviation from standard are the crashbars, which do not have the sidestand mounting on the left and do have mountings for an oil cooler on the right although the 80 of this year was not fitted with one.