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BSA A7 Shooting Star

Manufacturer: BSA
Model: A7 SS
Condition: Very Good (4)
Engine: 500cc
Year: 1957
Price: Sold

Re-registered in 1994 on her original registration; SEW 217; this genuine SS (both numbers correct 1957, almost certainly matching but haven't checked factory records) has a good history and lovely patina developed over the last 23 years. A huge collection of old tax discs and MOTs show the bike has been used regularly and covered 8,000 miles since what must have been a complete rebuild and restorartion of the highest quality. The engine is healthy, starts easily, idles smoothly and pulls cleanly without undue smoke or noise. Fitted with a Triumph clutch; as they often are; for smoothness and reliability not to mention a better feel at the handlebar lever. The previous owner tells me that he's recently given the bike a front-end rebuild and the forks are lovely and smooth. The front hub has had a good weld repair but could be finished and polished to a higher standard, but it's OK as it is. Seat is really nice, everything works including the subtley colour-matched indicators, charges well and although the centre stand sits well over-centre it's actually quite easy to get on and off the stand. For a BSA, that is. A pretty, smooth and well sorted 500cc twin that will put a smile on your face and anyone who sees you on it. One of BSA's best, for sure.