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BSA Golden Flash

Manufacturer: BSA
Model: A10 Golden Flash
Condition: Excellent (3)
Engine: 650cc
Year: 1956
Price: Sold

Restored in 2001/2 and hardly used since. Recommissioned by Classic Bike Workshop Ltd and running really well. Over £6,500 on parts and services and all the bills are there. All parts from quality suppliers; Draganfly, Supreme, SRM who also did their end feed oil conversion, new clutch, gearbox bearings and belt primary drive conversion. Showing 800 miles on the clock since the restoration but it's hard to see how it's done this many really. Lots of nuts and bolts were loose when we got it (probably to avoid damaging all that expensive paintwork) but it's very nice now after a thorough check/clean/adjust session in the workshop. There is a dating certificate from the BSA Owners Club confirming it is a Golden Flash delivered to Emsworth, Doncaster on 1st November 1955. It was first registered 26/05/1956 and only four former keepers on the old V5 and new V5C. The BSAOC certificate states the engine number to be "of the same period" so maybe the factory records are incomplete or unclear? I think the registration must be the original because DT is Doncaster. That's nice, shame we haven't got the old RF60 log book to check it all but they are so often missing with completely restoration machines. The rare and attractive option of Ariel hubs fitted from new too, that's nice.
These are new pictures and the bike is back in stock now after a few years in a collection of machines which were rarely used. It should be said that the engine rebuild was of the highest spec and compression is very high so it needs a strong leg and a good technique on the kickstart lever. Having said that it starts well, idles easily and performs exceedingly well indeed. It's fast! Good job it has those brakes fitted.