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Dunstall Norton Commando

Manufacturer: Dunstall Norton
Model: Commando 750
Condition: Very good (4)
Engine: 750cc
Year: 1969
Price: Sold

A genuine Dunstall Commando, registered as such in Sweden and recently imported with all the correct paperwork to register in the UK in the new owner's name. A Norton Owners Club data sheet confirms 133374 (matching engine and frame) was built on 8th July 1969 and depatched on the same day to Paul Dunstall of Eltham. The Swedish registration documents state first registraton as 01/01/1970 so perhaps it's been identified as a 1970 model and re-registered in 2011 after a long time in storage? Bought as a runner and imported in 2017, the bike came in a slightly different form to that which you see now; many of the original parts had been replaced or removed but it was all there! Only the original Dunstall steering damper remains un-fitted as an optional extra. The bike has been carefully recommissioned and now runs really sweetly, the engine retains Paul Dunstall's careful modifications for lightly enhanced performance without compromising reliability (did I really say that?). Look at the polished and lightened rockers for instance - more than just shiny. A lovely pair of genuine Dunstall Decibel silencers sound so good. And that's the thing about this machine, it's so early and original and unmolested it must have laid in a barn for years in Sweden! OK the white painted frame might not be to our taste but the condition of the frame is absolutely superb and it does have a certain period charm. The tank has been painted (badly) sadly; looks like a later job; and it doesn't match the rest of the bodywork, but we have saved the tank from the scrap heap and it's ready to either paint to match the original or paint with everything if you decide to go that way. The inside of the tank has been carefully stripped, repaired (it was starting to delaminate from the effects of modern fuel) and double-coated inside with Caswell ethanol-proof tank liner so it's safe and ready for finishing. This is the ultra-rare sports tank so it was worth preserving. The speedo needs refurbishing to match the Tacho and there are a few tidying jobs to do but we've done all the hard work. In fact Classic Bike Workshop's Gerry Fry (owner of more than one Commando) has personally rebuilt this bike to it's original specification using the parts that came with it and others from stock to create an as-near-to-perfect-original machine as it's possible to imagine. The work has paid off as you can hear, it's so sweet now. Only run in the workshop because we'll keep fuel out of the tank until it's been re-painted, or at least give the new owner that option. Where to from here; complete strip and full cosmetic restoration or just match the tank to the patina of the original or even just put fuel in it and ride? Your choice, but we'll help register it in your name and of course Classic Bike Workshop is ready to turn whichever dream you have for it into reality...