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Kawasaki KL250

Manufacturer: Kawasaki
Model: KL250 A1
Condition: Average (5)
Engine: 250cc
Year: 1979
Price: Sold

Two former keepers and only 7,491 miles on this very well preserved UK trail bike. All we have done is clean the cobwebs off it and just look at the condition! The first owner kept it for 33 years and all credit to him for not messing it up. There is a good document file with this bike including parts manual, workshop manual and an original 1979 Kawasaki KL250 brochure. The bike in the brochure is the bike you see here, down to the original tyres front and back with 7,491 miles of wear on them (they are knackered). Original exhaust! Also knackered. Well, holed in places but well worth repairing as the guards that form the main look of the system are in remarkable condition. The original tank is with it and the one fitted has been nicely painted as part of some recent work to get it running and tidy it up a bit. Some of that work can be easily undone and the electrics could be put back under the tank where they belong (it looks like it's had a new coil fitted). The engine sounds like new, starts first or second kick every time and idles smoothly. This is really rare in this condition, worth preserving and spending a bit of time and love on.