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Laverda 750 SF

Manufacturer: Laverda
Model: 750 SF
Condition: Excellent (3)
Engine: 750cc
Year: 1976
Price: £6,950

The mileage is believed to be correctly recorded on this rare UK Laverda twin as ownership has stayed within a close circle of friends for most of it's life. It has been restored as you can see from the beautiful condition, but it's also been used as you can hear from the way the engine bursts into life at the touch of the starter button and idles/revs smoothly, quietly and smoke-free. Quality abounds, it has been well looked after and sympathetically restored. The only slight criticism would be the condition of the chrome on the right silencer. They do not honestly come much better than this, absolutely nothing to do, just polish and ride and enjoy being in one of the more exclusive clubs; that of Laverda twin ownership.