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Norton N15 CS

Manufacturer: Norton
Model: N15 Competition Special
Condition: Excellent (3)
Engine: 745cc
Year: 1968
Price: Sold

The late 1960s model mixes of Matchless competition frame and Norton Atlas motor; whatever the badge; is a potent recipe for road, track or trail. This matching numbers example was recently imported from the States and finely fettled by our own Classic Bike Workshop to provide a mechanically fine machine ready to ride. Many original features have survived including the wheel rims, distinctive air-filter and fuel tank. Cosmetically nice all round without being too showy, the metallic burnt orange may not be the original candy-apple red but it suits the bike well. The engine is mechanically smooth and quiet with hardly a trace of the infamous vibes attributed (unfairly in my experience) to the Atlas twin. Performance is strong, the bike starts easily and is a joy to ride. Lights fitted, everything works as it should. There is some debate about whether longer or stronger fork springs have been fitted which we'll get to the bottom of, and the centre stand isn't very effective but overall it's absolutely excellent. Would make a show standard machine with more work but we say just ride it! A bargain compared to similar 650/750/850 British twins? Yes indeed, and it's a Norton twin.