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Triumph Tiger 650

Manufacturer: Triumph
Model: TR6R Tiger
Condition: Excellent (3)
Engine: 650cc
Year: 1969
Price: £8,950

This American model TR6R was exported from the USA to Sweden in 1996 and has lived there ever since. Only recently imported to the UK by Classic Super Bikes, it comes complete with the Swedish registration documents ready for the UK's first owner. We will walk you through the process or even do it for you if you like. There is also a set of manuals and some historic paperwork on file; all in Swedish of course. The bike itself has had all the checks at Classic Bike Workshop and with some minor fettling it's running very well indeed. Looks like a bike than has been well restored relatively recently and mechanically rebuilt and well maintained since. Paint and chrome are very good; OK the Tiger on the sidepanel is not a standard feature but it's 100% Triumph Tiger and looks good. The front Dunlop rim survives as do many original parts. Ignition is electronic by Boyer Bransden using one of their Power Box systems and we've hidden a modern regulator/rectifier under the battery box. Starts and idles easily, no smoke or unusual mechanical noises, top end of the engine is a little oily but nothing to worry about for a while. Overall and excellent example.