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Yamaha XT500

Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model: XT500 (1U6)
Condition: Average (5)
Engine: 497cc
Year: 1977
Price: Sold

There is quite a history with this bike. The last owner of 24 years had a replacement engine rebuilt by Eric Cheney around 1993/4 and Eric's invoice for the work (undated but the accompanying parts invoices date it) is included in the significant collection of documents on file. The MOTs on tell us that the odometer read 35k miles in 1996 so let's say the engine was rebuilt at around 30k miles and the reading is now almost 65k miles so it's 35k since the rebuild. As you can see and hear on the video it's mechanically quiet and smoke-free, starts easily and performs well, so Eric did a good job (no surprises there) and the last owner has ridden it with care and maintained it well. And it has obviously been looked after mechanically but cosmetically? It's a bit scruffy to be honest and that's part of the charm; homemade paintwork on the tank looks great but it's not factory finish and although everything was covered in grease the frame paint is showing it's age in places. The rest is a mix of wll preserved original  like the exhaust and some new replacement parts like the front mudguard. Clocks are clearly original and showing their age but absolutely everything works as you would expect on a bike that has been ridden regularly. Nice tyres complete the look and it's MOT and Tax free now of course. So it's not the original matching numbers engine but it has a lovley history and performs well. The original matching numbers engine is available and could come with the bike for a price to be negotiated, depending on whether you want it as it is (with the original gearbox fault that initiated the change) rebuilt as a spare or rebuilt and fitted (with or without the Cheney engine as a spare).