AJS Long Distance Trials

Model 16 LDT special
Very Good (4)

A very attractive rigid 1948 AJS Model 16M in what can best be described as classic Long Distance Trial (LDT) specification. Still wearing the original 1948 registration and with certificates to confirm both frame and engine numbers are genuine 1948, the old RF60 log Book confirms that they didn’t leave the factory together. Nicely stripped for off-road action with no lights but legal for road use in daylight hours, it’s a good look and about as light as you’ll get one of these with a standard frame. The fuel tank is fibreglass and has clearly been repaired recently and lined with a very good ethanol-proof liner inside. It came to us with a “rebuilt engine” as most of them do, but unlike most of them this one appears actually to have been done recently and by someone who knew what they were doing! So, after the usual workshop jobs like putting the sparks in the right place and getting the fuelling spot-on, adjusting chains and wheels and bearings and adding a new kickstart return spring it’s ready to ride on road and trail. As you can hear the engine is mechanically very smooth and quiet, smoke-free and responds perfectly to the manual advance/retard adjustment which makes it a joy to start and ride. Lovely things; these old AMC singles; and this is a nice one if you like the look of it.


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