Honda CB750 Automatic

CB750A Hondamatic
Excellent (3)

Not many of these about. Forty years ahead of it’s time and wearing those years well, this rarest of Honda fours has just emerged from Classic Bike Workshop with everything working including the myriad of safety features built into the clever and effective two-speed automatic system. The bike rides faultlessly; quiet, smooth and easy with the original standard silencers and newly balanced carbs contributing to very pleasant experience on the road. I’ve never seen one in the flesh but most bikes I’ve seen pictures of come from the USA but not this one. A rare Japanese model as confirmed by the side panel badges and the existence of a lucky “Omamori” in hand written Japanese bag beautifully tied with string and apparently unopened. There is a good paperwork file with the bike which includes old MOTs and some invoices along with the V5C which confirms all in order and numbers as they should be. There is also a USA brochure for the bike which shows a 4-1 exhaust like the old CB750FI system. This has a genuine Honda 4-2 which is much more attractive and in sound condition, although the rear footrests have not been re-fitted. The bike has featured in April 2019 edition of Real Classic and received praise from Frank Westworth at the time. There is also an American magazine on file comparing the auto with the manual versions of the SOHC Honda fours. The engine is considerably different to the standard CB750 of the day due to the inclusion of a two-speed torque converter and there is some noise from the hy-vo primary chain when cold with the parking brake on, as you can hear in the video, however this disappears when the bike is warm. The cam chain is silent and has adjusted perfectly and with the carbs balanced it is a smooth quiet engine, as it should be in this absolutely standard soft state of tune (smaller carbs and cams than other models). It does ride nicely and less buzzy than most Jap fours.


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