HRD Vincent Rapide

HRD Vincent
Average Condition (5)
Reserved for Andy

Vincent Rapide ownership for less than £25k makes this an interesting prospect, especially when you consider the upper and rear frame numbers are matching even if the engine number is incomplete. The numbers are all clearly stamped and accurately represented in the V5C Registration Document and the old RF60 Log Book (which also confirms the original full engine number, although this can be worked out from the frame number of course). KUL 973 is the original registration mark, non-transferrable now, and although the V5C states no former keepers the old Log Book tells another story of past ownership in Norfolk and Kent. Rebuilt by the last long-term owner to his own very personal specification, it is presented exactly as it has been ridden; no lights, no battery, no instruments and a modern BTH ignition system providing fat reliable sparks in exactly the right places. The exhaust is proudly described as of the “hooligan” type and I felt guilty cleaning it up a bit in case I disturbed the patina of unashamed practical use and sheer enjoyment over the years. The engine was rebuilt by a known HRD Vincent specialist and is estimated by the last owner to have covered less than 3,000 miles since. Classic Bike Workshop have just checked it over and recommissioned it after a time in storage and you can see and hear the result. Altogether rather fun, and most certainly a realistic ride-or-restore project in this condition.


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