Norton 650SS

650 SS
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Beautifully restored Norton 650SS, all matching and original, now fitted with an electronic magneto.

Norton’s Bonnie-beater is rare and almost unique in this condition. Restored and completely rebuilt around the turn of the century, with a stack of invoices and notes detailing the work on file. The old RF60 log book confirms first registration on 10th August 1964 on this number, with these engine and frame (matching of course) numbers too. The V5C confirms one owner since the restoration started in 2001 and one since 2017. The result is quite spectacular as you can see and hear. Luckily lots of original parts have survived and clearly no expense spared in the renovation of those parts and the purchase of quality new ones from reputable suppliers. The bike has been stored inside for the last 16-plus years and hardly run as part of a significant classic motorcycle collection. Recommissioning was straightforward for Classic Bike Workshop and the video was taken in the workshop using an auxiliary fuel tank so the bike can be decommissioned for display again easily although it has been run recently with fuel in the tank. We can’t fault anything on this machine; the inside of the chaincase revealed quality parts and workmanship, competent assembly evident in all areas and timing was correctly set. The standard carburettor bellmouths were shorter but these look so good on those downdraght carbs we’ll let it slide. It runs well and is mechanically very quiet, no smoke, smooth and even, just loveley. You can see the quality of the exterior restoration for yourself and it bears detailed inspection. Lots of period parts are correct, stainless fittings abound and the paintwork is of a very high quality. Hard to imagine we’ll find a better one to be honest and now starts easily and runs even better with the addition of an electronic magneto ignition system.


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