Rudge Whitworth 350

Rudge Whitworth
350 Four-Valve Four-Speed
Average (5)
350cc twin port

A lovely example in good garage-find condition for recommissioning and light restoration. This rare twin-port 350cc single is a real gem. Excellent provenance and documentation, was stored in running condition but unused for a few years. Original registration number is transferable if you were so inclined but so much of this bike is original it would be a crime to lose it for the sake of a couple of grand.

This machine is one of a cherished collection of motorcycles owned, fettled and ridden by a local gentleman, sadly now departed. I personally rode with him on classic runs and always admired his machines and the man himself, so proud to have the privilege of finding new homes for his classic bikes. In this case the bike is offered for sale as seen from storage requiring recommissioning. Classic Bike Workshop will help with this if asked but it is offered here as a recommissioning project for an enthusiast looking for a machine which is likely to require the minimum of work to have it running and back on the road.



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