Suzuki GS1100G

Excellent (3)

This 1983 shaft-drive four is a Swiss import and it has been restored, we think before it was first registered in the UK IN 2013. It will come with a new MOT and that will be the last it will need as it has passed its 40th birthday. The tyres fitted are Avon Roadriders in good roadworthy condition, form MOT records it looks like they were fitted in 2017/18.  Two former keepers in the UK, the last one bought it from a reputable dealer in 2017. The low recorded mileage is either a clock-reset when restored in which case I would guess the engine was rebuilt, or more likely (but I really don’t know as there is no paperwork referring to the resto) the mileage is genuine and it was a cosmetic only restoration. There is a UK invoice (undated) for a valve service including re-grind and new stem seals to cure smoking at 6,293 km and this supports my guess it’s a low mileage engine which wasn’t rebuilt at the time of restoration. Also the clocks look original to me, but maybe the clock restorers in Switzerland are better than ours in the UK! The bike has been started regularly and covered 420 trouble-free kilometers in the last six years and passed a MOT test with flying colours on 19th June 2023.

This machine is offered for sale through Classic Super Bikes and comes from a nice collection of classics, all of which have been started regularly and used but not regularly. They have been well looked after and stored in excellent dry conditions with workshop facilities to keep them in good order. Most are unrestored (this is an exception) and retain their original standard specification. Some show signs of use and age, all look and sound to be in fine mechanical condition which reflects the owners priorities; classic bikes to be ridden and enjoyed. All great classic machines from a good home at excellent prices. All desirable models too, which with a little more use and attention may well prove to be good investments as well as providing some genuine riding thrills from an era so loved by those of us of a certain age.


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